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Quanion is a meme coin on the Quai Network that blends blockchain security with AI and NFTs. It offers unique opportunities for AI-powered creative content creation and digital commerce.



Pursued by Quai Network since day one, Quanion enables fast, secure and low-cost transactions thanks to Quai. This decentralized network makes blockchain accessible and fun for everyone.


What is Quanion?

Quanion is an innovative meme coin built on the Quai Network. It offers users the ability to create creative content, trade, and participate in community events.

Quanion enhances user experience by integrating AI and NFT technologies. AI-powered tools enable the creation of unique content, while the NFT marketplace allows for digital collections.

The project aims to create a sustainable ecosystem and achieve long-term success through strategic partnerships. Quanion strives to occupy a unique position in the crypto world with its innovative and dynamic approach.

The Roadmap To
The Moon

Phase 1: Airdrop Kick-off

Launching the Quanion airdrop campaign where users can earn points through daily activities and claim Quanion tokens based on their points.

Phase 2: Community Growth

Expanding the Quanion community through active social media campaigns and influencer collaborations. Hosting AMA sessions and interactive events to engage the community.

Phase 3: Token Launch

Official launch of Quanion tokens and listing on various DEXs. Providing liquidity and initiating marketing efforts.

Phase 4: NFT Marketplace Development

Developing and launching the Quanion NFT marketplace, allowing users to create and trade NFTs using AI-powered tools.

Phase 5: AI-Integrated Services

Introducing AI-powered tools for meme and NFT creation. Helping users create unique and compelling digital content.

Phase 6: Gamification & Partnerships

Increase user engagement through community events. Build strategic partnerships with technology firms and financial institutions to expand the Quanion ecosystem.


Contract Adress TBA
%10 Airdrop
%20 Liquidity
%15 Team
%15 Marketing
%25 Development
%15 Staking

Quanion NFTs

Quanion offers an innovative NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell fun and creative content. Users can use Quanion tokens to create unique NFTs and trade them.

AI-powered tools support users in their creative processes, allowing them to produce personalized and valuable NFTs. Additionally, with special collections and exhibitions, users can showcase their works to a broader audience.

Quanion's NFT marketplace aims to revolutionize the world of creative content by combining the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.